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Not all dumpsters are the same

When a roll-off dumpster won't work for your junk removal job contact D&G Dumpster Trailer Rental. Our Dumpster Trailers offer versatility and affordability that other dumpsters cant offer.

Rubber tires

Our trailer dumpsters provide a more cushioned load on concrete and asphalt compared to roll of containers with steel wheels.

Easily Moved

Our trailer dumpsters can be moved to different locations on the property during your rental. This way you can clean multiple areas with ease.

No Permits Required

Because our dumpsters are considered trailers, dumpster permits are not required in certain instances where it would be for a roll-off container.


Trailer dumpsters can be maneuvered and placed into locations roll-off containers can not be placed. This make for an easier experience when loading the dumpster.

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